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HEMANT Ritu Charya: Ayurvedic Regimen for the winter

HEMANT Ritu Charya: Ayurvedic Regimen for the winter 

Sun has become a luxury in this festive month of December. I have heard that it has snowed somewhere in a nearby hill station. Thereby, the wind is too cold here in my city. I enjoy the tranquility of sleepy morn on a cold Sunday morning. It’s a little dark outside and the house is still asleep. The blissful silence enthuses in me the desire to write my next post. I am looking forward to healthy winter season as I intend to follow the regime mentioned in classical ayurvedic texts. I share the tips here with you.

The winter season or the ‘last ritu of the visarga kala’ lasts from mid November to mid January. During this period the human strength is relatively high. The digestive fire or ‘Agni’ is quiet strong. It’s necessary to feed this fire in order to maintain a balance and to prevent vitiation of the doshas, especially the vata dosha, during these months.

Hemant Ritu Charya

Food should be madhur (sweet), guru (heavy) and Amla (Sour), Lavan ( salt)

Freshly harvested Rice, wheat, corn, urad dal (black gram), yava (barley), honey, should be a part of diet.

Ghrit (Clarified butter), butter, paneer (cottage cheese), cheese, milk and milk products are recommended.

It’s positive to have jaggery, sugarcane and other types of sweets in this season.

All types of meat, fish, chicken and poultry can be had. Even wine is recommended.

Potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, apples, guava, dry fruits, dates, etc can be consumed.

All kinds of tea, hot water etc is drink of choice in this season.
Ayurveda recommends Abhyanga or body massage with oils like sesame, mustard etc. followed by steam bath.

Prefer to stay in warm cozy places. Use heavy curtains and thick warm blankets. Wear warm woolen clothes.

Sitting in sun and in front of a fireplace is also recommended

It’s a very good season for heavy exercises and vigorous indoor workouts are recommended.

Dress warmly and avoid too many outdoor activities.

Indulgence in sex as per the physical desire and strength is also recommended in this season.

Some more suggestions to stay healthy this winter

On taking a closer look at the above recommendations, one can clearly observe that Ayurveda texts mainly advice to stay warm, cozy and eat warm nutritious food during this season. One should avoid dry, cold and light foods in order to prevent the vitiation of doshas. Avoid fasting and sleeping during the day.

I sincerely hope by following the regimen mentioned above one can stay healthy during the season. I am looking forward to questions and suggestions related to the above topic.


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