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Grishma Ritu Charya: Ayurvedic Regimen for the Summer

Grishma Ritu Charya: Ayurvedic Regimen for the Summer

  It’s around 10 a.m. in the morning. The Sun is already too bright for comfort. The temperatures are soaring and the heat is unbearable…………….  Its summer time (Grishma Ritu) in India.  My first impulse is to grab a bottle of chilled water and gulp it down. The relief is temporary. As the day proceeds tolerance for hot weather reduces and desire to stay indoors in air conditioned environment wins.

“Balanced diet provides strength, vitality, happiness and long life, yet it is seen that despite eating a balanced diet, people fall ill. “The statement has been discussed in Charak Samhita (Sutrasthanam). With above thought as the basis, the condition of nature and body in six seasons along with the healthy regimen or ‘Charya’ for each season has been explored. Keeping the present season in limelight, I would share the regimen mentioned in Ayurvedic texts for a healthy balanced summer.

   According to Ayurveda, chilled foods and beverages disrupt the digestive power called Agni. The Agni or digestive power can be compared to burning logs. If we dump cold water over burning logs the fire goes out. Thereby indigestion, acidity, reduced appetite….follow. Grishma ritu has been described as a season of dehydration, exhaustion and lack of energy.  The key to good health in summers is to keep this ‘Agni’ balanced. 
                                             Grishma Ritu Charya

Food should be sweet, light and more of liquids should be taken.
Wine and Alcohol should not be consumed
Boiled rice, meats, curd (yogurt) can be incorporated in diet.
Drink cold water from an earthen pot. In case you like to have refrigerated water, take it out from refrigerator and let it rest for 15 minutes before consuming.
Fresh fruits, fresh juices, salads are recommended.
Take bath in cold water. Body pack made from chandan is recommended.
Stay in cool and shady place.
Wear loose light cotton clothes
It has been advised to sleep during the day as the nights are short
Too much exertion, physical exercise and over exposure to sun should be avoided.

Some more suggestions to keep cool this summer

v  Watermelon, fresh cucumber, lettuce are very beneficial to maintain the balance of Pitta and can be consumed.
v  Coconut water is an excellent source to stay rehydrated in summers.
v  Fresh, cooling herbs like mint (pudina), Cilantro (hara dhaniya), Watercress (jalakumbhi) can be juiced or made into chutney and consumed.
v  Favor cooling spices like cardamom, coriander and fennel when cooking.
v  Fresh fruit juices are good rejuvenators in summer.
Over time, if you incorporate even a few suggestions in your daily routine you can notice a major difference in your reaction to the blazing heat of the shining sun in summer.


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