Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting 

    I remember the day I became a parent. The moment I held the little infant in my arms, a little seed of compassion was planted in my heart. I had worked together with God, along with my partner to procreate another human being with a mind body and soul. Now I had the power to nurture the destiny of our young child to some extent. With power comes great responsibility. I had the responsibility of raising a child in such a way that some day he would bloom into an individual who is able to handle the daily demands of life effortlessly.
  Then followed the daunting task of parenting. As I tried to adjust to the new parenting roles how I desperately wished for a manual which could lay down the rules that would help to raise healthy, confident and happy children. However each child is different and has to be nurtured accordingly.
 Parents are the primary educators of children. Children look up to their parents and learn from them.    Psychologists suggest that children do better when parents:
  • Are warm and affectionate
  • They are responsive to the needs of their child and are involved in their daily activities
  • They are firm in setting rules yet provide clear guidelines of behavior
  • They spend time with their child, both qualitatively and quantitatively
  • They are neither negligent nor over involved
  • Maintain a harmonious relationship with their partner and other members of the household
  • Nurture child’s self esteem
  • Adapt to the individuality of the child with unconditional love and acceptance
  • Are GOOD ROLE Models.

   Every parent wishes to be a “good” parent and desires that their children behave in socially acceptable ways. This desire creates the need for positive parenting. Positive parenting focuses on nurturing the best within our children. Instead of focusing on the negatives and trying desperately to correct it, the focus should be on the human strengths and virtues. This makes the negatives insignificant and paves way for a confident and well adjusted child.

Stay calm;  nurture your child’s strengths  and  Be Positive :) 

© 2013 Dr.Moninder Kaur