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Varsha Ritu Charya: Ayurvedic Regimen for the Rainy Season

 Varsha Ritu Charya: 
 Ayurvedic Regimen for the Rainy Season

  I love when it rains. The cloudy sky, the soothing downpour, the water droplets resting on green leaves, the beautiful rainbows…..all are welcome after the scorching heat of the tropical summers. According to Ayurveda the year can be divided into six seasons. Each season (ritu) lasting for two months. The Grishma ritu (summer season) is followed by Varsha ritu (Rainy season). Ritu means season and charya means regimen. Ritucharya is the observance of diet and regimen according to the seasonal changes.  In earlier article I had talked about the Ayurvedic regimen for summers. Since the rains have already started in India, It’s appropriate to discuss about the Varsha ritu charya or the Regimen for the rainy season as per Ayurvedic Texts.
   Varsha ritu or the rainy season is the first season of the ‘Visarg Kaal’ i.e. the southern cycle of the sun. The heat of the sun starts to reduce in this season. The breeze becomes gentle. The physical ‘bal’ or strength starts to increase moderately as compared to the previous ‘grishma ritu’. However the ‘jatharagni’ or the digestive power is still low. The sky is predominantly cloudy and there is an increase in the atmospheric moisture. Thus the ‘vayu’ dosha is primarily vitiated and there is secondary vitiation of ‘pitta’ and ‘kapha’
    Due to the vitiation of doshas, this is a season when we are more prone to diseases. Various methods to balance the doshas along with effective measures to enhance digestive functions need to be adopted. Panchkarma is recommended during the rainy season.                                                                  
                                         Varsha Ritu Charya

Food should be easily digestible, hot and light.
Ghee, curd and honey can be incorporated in diet.
Pulses, meat, soups, old grains and mastu (thin water of yogurt) is recommended in diet.
Leafy vegetables should be used sparingly.
Ginger, black pepper and lemon juice may be used to promote better digestion.
Use of clean drinking water is advised.
Wine prepared from grapes and fermented decoctions can be taken during this season.

Too much exertion and overexposure to sunlight should be avoided
 Perfumes may be used.
Avoid sleeping during the day.
Avoid taking bath in rivers and pools.
Wear proper clothes to protect yourself from the cold winds and rain.
Apply warm oil to the body before taking bath.
Protect yourself from insect bites during this season.

    Some more suggestions for a healthy rainy season

  • One needs to stay active during this season. As the out-door activities are not possible in this season it’s advised to incorporate indoor physical activities in your daily routine.                                                     
  • Proper foot care, especially for the diabetics is needed as feet often tend to get wet during this season.            
  •  A light massage with neem oil and sesame oil, prior to bath can prevent from skin infection and itching. 
  • Lukewarm water bath is better than cold water bath. It helps to balance ‘vata’.                                         
  •   Do not let your head stay wet for a long time.                                                                                                                  
  • Keep the body fully covered and avoid sleeveless dresses in this season.                                                           
  •  Drink lukewarm water. This will keep the ‘Agni’ balanced.                                                                   
  •  Panchkarma treatments are highly recommended in this season.

   Varsha Ritu is a time when a person is more prone to diseases. If we can incorporate, even a few suggestions made above, in our daily routine or charya, we can rest assured to enjoy a disease free, healthy, rainy season ahead.


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