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Manage Stress with Ayurveda

Manage Stress with Ayurveda

   Stress is normal physical response to situations that make a person feel threatened or insecure. Stress response is generated when a person senses danger, which could be real or imaginary. It’s a way our body has been attuned naturally to protect itself and be secure from danger. Some stress is needed to keep us motivated and to accomplish our goals. Stress becomes a problem when it starts affecting our physical, emotional and social health in a negative way. We need professional help when stress starts affecting our health, mood, relationships, productivity……. i.e. the overall quality of life. It is not so difficult to manage stress. The secret lies in our own ability to handle the day to day challenges of life in a positive way.

   Ayurveda attributes inability to understand our deeper inner self as one of the causes of stress. When an individual is unable to balance the real self (what we are) with the ideal self (what we desire to become) it results in stress. However the main cause of stress is the Imbalance of Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

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By adopting the guidelines mentioned in the article,one can experience a reduction in tension. The techniques are also helpful in restoring the dosha imbalance leading to a relaxed mind and body.

 Wishing Good Health to the readers and don’t forget to BE POSITIVE WITH LIFE.

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