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Lessons learnt in life

Lessons learnt in life


    I am always amazed by life. Each second that unfolds brings with it a fresh new moment that needs to be felt and lived. Today, when I look back, I realize that ‘life’ is my best teacher. Each person I met, each incident that happened, each path that I traversed, had a purpose – To make me a better individual who is at peace with her own self. Today I feel like sharing some of the lessons I have learnt in life, some lessons that have given me the power to be positive in life. A voice within me says that these lessons can do the same for you
1. There is something very positive about life, it passes.
Life is a mix of good times and bad times but nothing lasts forever. Sun sets, moon rises. Seasons change. Winter is always followed by summer. Night always makes way for the day. Facing tough times? Don’t worry they will not last long. Feeling too happy and content? Don’t get too attached as this too shall pass. Enjoy the cocktail ….. It’s life.

2. Let go of what you no longer need.
I learnt this the tough way. We like to form attachments in life. It could be objects, places, people, thoughts, ideas, beliefs….. There is actually nothing to be gained from clinging to past failures, old grudges, feelings that hurt you, people or relationships you cannot relate to… Let them go. Donate your old clothes, delete your old mails, clean your desk…. Keep your thoughts, relationships, home, work area etc. clutter free. This surely makes life simple and more interesting.

3. Learn to feel and live the present moment
I feel that there is some magic in the present moment. Feel it, experience it, live it. Be thankful that you are alive and breathing. Be hopeful as you have the power to build your future by making judicious use of present. The past is gone and future cannot be seen. The present is precious. Live it. Feel like doing something, do it now.

4. Raise a child
I have learnt a lot from children. Their simplicity, curiosity and innocence are infectious. Being a parent has made me more responsible, compassionate and empathic. I have something to look forward to each day. The simple routines that I share with my children make my life more meaningful. I feel immense pleasure and satisfaction that I have done my part in the world by raising kids who are strong enough to make positive contributions in creating a future world that would be better than today. You can feel the same pleasure and satisfaction. Go ahead, raise a child.

5. Having a hobby is therapeutic
Life becomes tough at times. There are certain phases and issues in life which are too personal to share with someone yet have the power to erode us from within. Develop a hobby. Its therapeutic and the best way to release the secret passions from within. It could be anything… reading, writing, painting, music, meditation, art and craft, cooking, gardening… The list is endless. Understand what you like and spend some time daily with your ‘hobby’. Cultivate your positive interests. I can assure, nothing more is needed.

6. Stay connected to your roots
Imagine a tree. It has so many branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Life thrives in its parts till they are connected to the roots. Same can be related to us. We have to move on from our parental homes in pursuit of personal growth and development. This is a necessity but stay connected to your parents and family. In today’s scenario it’s really very easy. A small message, a simple phone call can do the trick. Regular visits are the icing on the cake. The thought that we have someone in life to fall back to, gives us immense strength to face the day to day challenges in our life.

7. Relationships are a part of life, not life
In my clinical practice I come across many people. I have seen that people who get hurt most are the ones who make relationships their main priority in life. This gives rise to profound expectations. When expectations are not met, feelings get hurt and the associated pain is very deep. If we want to live a happy life it’s always better to focus on some personal goal and not to people or objects.

8. Be Generative
I became aware of this term when I studied the stages of development by Erik Erikson and I immediately got bowled over by it. Being generative is establishing and guiding the next generation. It includes being productive and creative. Raising a positive family or working towards the betterment of society is being generative and gives a deep satisfaction of accomplishment.

   By giving us a chance to be born as a human, God has given us the ability to explore, understand and learn from life. Be soft. Do not let the world rob you of your compassion and faith to make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though many in the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.

    Every life has a story. I am sure you also have some lessons that you have learnt from life. I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts in the comment box below. Maybe together we can touch a few hearts and inspire a few fellow beings towards a more positive life.

© Dr.Moninder kaur 2013

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